P1Harmony Releases Trailer for "Killin' It"


1st Full Album “Killin’ It”…Comeback Expectation Rises

P1Harmony is letting you know that they are heroes.

The “Breaking News” video for their first full-length album “Killin’ It,” which will be released on February 5, was released through their official SNS.

The video, released with the subtitle “EXCLUSIVE-The advent of Real Heroes,” shows the members in an eye-catching heroic mood.

P1Harmony is perplexed when they see news reports that peace has come without them knowing that they are heroes. In response, they appear in the streets of the real world (REAL WORLD) with the hilarity of bad boys to let people know that they are heroes.The sound of sirens in the video paid homage to the title track of their debut album, “Siren,” and parts of “Emergency,” a song from their first full-length album, were played to heighten interest in P1Harmony’s worldview and their new album.

Killin’ It” is an album in which P1Harmony, having finally completed a harmonious world, proves to the world that they are the hidden heroes, the NEW KIDS, the heroes. It tells the story of their “fusion” into one in the REAL WORLD.

In anticipation of their comeback, their digital single “Fall In Love Again,” released last November, spent seven weeks on Mediabase’s Top 40 Radio Airplay Chart in the U.S. and five weeks on Billboard’s Pop Airplay Chart (Billboard ‘s Pop Airplay) for five consecutive weeks. In addition, they recently became the first K-pop boy group to be confirmed to perform at the famous outdoor music festival “The Governors Ball Music Festival 2024” in New York City, proving their worldwide popularity.

P1Harmony has been the center of attention in Korea and abroad even before their comeback, and their comeback promotion contents will be released sequentially through their official SNS.