BOYNEXTDOOR Surprisingly Releases fan song "400 Years"


BOYNEXTDOOR Surprisingly Releases First Fan Song “400 Years” on YouTube, All Members Participate in Writing Lyrics “Let’s Just Be Together for 400 Years”.

BOYNEXTDOOR, a six-member Korean group that debuted last May on the HYBE-owned label KOZ ENTERTAINMENT, has released a special video for its first fan song “400 Years” on its YouTube channel.

All members participated in writing the lyrics for “400 Years,” which expresses their gratitude and love for ONEDOOR (their official fandom name). The song was composed by JAEHYUN, TAESAN, and WOONHAK.

The title of the song was taken from the metaphor “Let’s be together for 400 years,” which the members usually use to say to their fans, “Let’s be together forever. The lyrics are also interspersed with cryptic words shared with fans.

In the special video, the members stroll freely through the streets of London, England. At the end of the video, the contents of a letter they wrote to ONEDOOR was also revealed, a surprise gift to their fans.

The members wrote in the comments section, “400 years means a lot to us, and we don’t want that time to just go by. Instead of ‘forever,’ which seems so far away, we will say, ‘Let’s just be together for 400 years. I love you.

[BOYNEXTDOOR’400 Years’ Special Video]