"The Last NCT" NCT WISH to Debut in February


NCT NEW TEAM Group Name Announced

On February 18, it was announced that NCT NEW TEAM, the last team of the global boy group NCT, which has held up the slogan “infinite expansion,” has decided on the group name “NCT WISH” and will debut in February. The name is “NCT WISH.”

Formed through “NCT Universe: LASTART,” a survival program to select NCT members, NCT WISH is a six-member group with an average age of 18.3 consisting of Sion, Riku, Yushi, Jaehee (activity name changed from Daeyeon), Ryo, and Sakuya.

They have been working on their pre-debut activities since last September and successfully completed a pre-debut tour of 24 performances in 9 cities in Japan. After their debut, they plan to expand their global activities based in Korea and Japan.

The group name “WISH,” which means a team born from the wishes of the members and fans, incorporates the catchphrase “WISH for Our WISH,” which means “Let’s support everyone’s wishes and dreams with NCT WISH’s music and love, and let’s make them come true together.

The song includes the aspiration, “Let’s support everyone’s wishes and dreams and make them come true together through the music and love of NCT WISH.

At midnight on the 18th, the official SNS channel of NCT WISH released the video “NCT WISH: WISH for Our WISH,” which expresses the group’s colors. The video is a harmony of NCT WISH’s new starting point and the fantastic beauty of the images.