RIIZE Shotaro & Wonbin became choreographers?


RIIZE’s new song “Love 119” performance content attracts attention…Shotaro & Wonbin transform into choreographers.

Driven by the popularity of RIIZE’s new song “Love 119,” a variety of performance content related to the song is also attracting attention.

They performed “Love 119” on KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank,” SBS’s “Popular Songs,” and other music programs that aired last week in Korea. They also released a performance video on RIIZE’s YouTube channel that highlighted their uniform style and handsome visuals, attracting a lot of attention.

Especially for the “Love 119” performance, Shotaro and Wonbin only participated in the production of the chorus part of the performance, turning into choreographers and appearing in the contents of “SMP FLOOR,” a YouTube channel specializing in performances, with explanations of the moves, dance He also appeared on the YouTube channel “SMP FLOOR,” which specializes in performances, and attracted a lot of attention by showing tutorials and behind-the-scenes interviews with the choreographer.

RIIZE also appeared on “the Fillin’ Live” on YouTube’s “it’s Live” channel on March 9, where they arranged a band version of “Love 119,” a song that blends sweet piano riffs with lyrics that metaphorically express the feelings of first love in an emergency situation, and performed on stage with a live session. The band version of “Love 119,” which blends sweet piano riffs with lyrics that metaphorically express the feelings of first love.

RIIZE’s new song “Love 119,” which was released on January 5, ranked No. 1 on the iTunes Top Songs Chart in 9 regions worldwide, No. 1 on China’s QQ MUSIC Rapidly Rising Chart, No. 1 on the LINE MUSIC Top 100 Real Time Songs Chart, No. 1 on Apple Music Today’s Top 100 Korea chart, No. 1 on the MelOn HOT100 (within 30 days of release), No. 1 on Bugs!