Lay and Yibo will appear as special guests at the "Street Dance of China S6" finals


Chinese dance battle show “Street Dance of China S6” finally reaches the finals with gorgeous guests.

“Street Dance of China S6” is a dance battle show co-produced by Youku, Tmall, and Master in China.

Professional dancers from around the world are gathered to compete in individual and group competitions to determine the Hip-Hop Champion.

When Season 1 aired in 2018, it quickly became the talk of the town and gained phenomenal excitement and popularity!

The sixth in the series is also exciting with appearances by popular idol BOYHOOD and series favorite Jay Park, while Wang Yibo and Lay Zhang, who have appeared in previous seasons, will appear as special guests in the finals to be aired on January 20.

Wang Yibo and Lay Zhang have both been captains of Street Dance of China S4, which is too big a surprise for fans who have been watching the show for previous seasons.

We can’t wait for January 20, the final, which is sure to be even more exciting with gorgeous guests!