G-DRAGON appears at an exhibition in Las Vegas


First public appearance since transferring

BIGBANG’s G-DRAGON made his first public appearance since transferring to the group.

On the 9th, he visited the world’s largest electronics & IT exhibition “CES 2024” held in Las Vegas, U.S., and attracted a lot of attention.

On that day, G-Dragon visited the Samsung Electronics booth followed by LG Electronics, SK, and other booths in the exhibition hall in turn. It was especially noteworthy that this was his first activity after signing an exclusive contract with his new agency, Galaxy Corporation, last December.

As he looked around the various booths, he was asked which one impressed him the most, to which he replied, “I’m just looking, but I feel like I can’t pick just one place.

It was learned that G-Dragon, who has always been interested in AI and other fields, visited the exhibition accompanied by Galaxy Corporation, an AI metaverse company. He has been sharing his recent activities there through Instagram’s Story function.

At a press conference held by Galaxy Corporation last month, G-Dragon revealed his plans for the future: he established a foundation for drug eradication and eradication, “JUSPEACE,” and made the first donation of 300 million won (about $30 million) to the foundation alone.

He also announced his comeback as a singer. Through a handwritten letter, he promised to “fulfill my responsibilities as an artist as well as my social responsibilities,” raising the expectations of his fans.