TEN to appear at Chuang Asia!!


TEN will appear as a mentor

WayV TEN Officially Announced as a Mentor for Chuang Asia in Thailand, a Global Audition Program from China.

Chuang Asia is a popular global audition program in China and will be held in Thailand for the first time in two years.

Fans had been talking about TEN’s participation in the show since a hint image was uploaded on the show’s official SNS, and the rumor has become a reality now!

The program will air in February, but prior to the broadcast, the mentors and trainees were unveiled, and although TEN did not show up due to his schedule, he shared his feelings about being chosen as a mentor in a video message on the program.

【Comment from TEN】
Hello. This is Ten.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it out to see you all today.
I’m a long way from home, but I stopped by to say hello to you all!

And I have some exciting news.
I have been assigned as a mentor for Chuang Asia 2024.
I was grateful to be able to meet the trainees on the first day of filming.
I am very excited. I have shared my experiences and helped all the performers to pursue their dreams. They are all very talented and energetic as they continue to grow as a girl group and as artists.

I want to help each of them develop their strengths and weaknesses. I wish them all the best in their future.
I am looking forward to seeing what this growth process will look like. So everyone, please support all of our practitioners!

See you on February 3. See you soon!”

Jackson wang, a member of the popular K-pop group GOT7, who will also appear as a mentor, spoke very highly of TEN and commented on his pleasure to work with him on the show.

【Jackson’s comments】
“He’s very professional. when he say something it’s straight up to the point. he is very experinced. He’s been in a game for a long time. Very professional, very talented. we are honored to have him on the show.”

Can’t wait until it airs in February.