NEXZ ranked No. 1 on music distribution sites!


NEXZ, born from “Nizi Project Season 2”, wins first place on music distribution site! The performance video was viewed 2 million times on the first day of release.

The global boy group “NEXZ” was born from the Japan-Korea joint audition project “Nizi Project Season 2” by Sony Music and JYP.

It is still fresh in my memory that during the final stage of the final audition program and when the debut members were announced, 8 related words charted on the SNS X “Japanese Trends”, attracting national attention.

On December 15th, which gave a big shock and excitement to the world, the seven people selected for “Nizi Project Season 2” fulfilled their dream of “debuting” as NEXZ, and three days later, on December 18th, has started distributing NEXZ’s first song, and a performance video has also been released.

One day later, today, December 19th (Tuesday), NEXZ’s pre-release song “Miracle” is dominating the charts of various music distribution sites.

“Miracle (Korean Ver. )” reached number one in the “K-POP” genre, achieving the feat of number one in both Japanese and Korean songs.

As a member of a Japan-Korea joint project, NEXZ prepares content for both Japan and South Korea, and plans development with a focus on simultaneous Japanese and Korean content. They immediately took the first step as a “global” boy group.

Furthermore, the performance video for “Miracle”, which is the first video work, was released on YouTube on December 18th at the same time as the song distribution, and it was viewed more than 2 million times on the first day of release, and currently has 4 million views. It has also surpassed playback. It’s no wonder that it’s currently YouTube’s “#1 music that’s rapidly increasing in popularity.”

As the “younger brother of NiziU,” he is showing signs of becoming a social phenomenon just like his senior artist NiziU.

The “Miracle” is the growth of the members during the audition period, the “Miracle” that they overcame by supporting each other, and the “Miracle” where NEXZ finally meets the people who supported them.

The pre-release song “Miracle” was written and composed based on the keyword “Miracle” that general producer J.Y. Park saw and felt during the audition process for “Nizi Project Season 2”.

In order to bring out the members’ singing voices to the fullest, the song is an up-tempo R&B song with a minimalist instrumentation, chords, and melody. This song is truly the culmination of “Nizi Project Season 2.”

In addition, the performance video for “Miracle” deliberately does not incorporate excessive production, as if in response to the minimalistic world view of the song, and carefully shoots the charm of each member and the real pleasure of the performance. Although they suddenly became famous through an audition, they are still in the transition period before their official debut, and as a result, they have not fully matured yet. .

After singing and dancing in various locations, we finally arrived at a nice airfield. There is a stage modeled after a Nizi pendant. On the Nizi pendant-shaped stage that symbolizes “Nizi Project Season 2,” he performs a “miracle” with his whole body, and I want you to pay attention to the scale-rich visual beauty that makes you feel the bright future of NEXZ in the sun that can be seen ahead.

Under the vast sky, the sight of seven people, each with their own distinct personalities, coming together in a synchronized dance makes NEXZ’s existence shine like a rainbow. The choreography that creates hearts during the chorus of “This must be a Miracle” and the hand choreography of “I love you” are also notable points.

The pre-release song “Miracle” is filled with the “trajectories” that the seven members of NEXZ took in “Nizi Project Season 2” and the “miracles” that they created as they took on the challenges of their lives. First of all, I would like you to enjoy this work with your eyes and ears.

And why don’t you think about the “Miracle” that NEXZ will create in the future?

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