WayV Ten to participate in a global audition show?


It is a hot topic that WayV’s Ten might participate in the grobal audition show “CHUANG ASIA.”

“Chuang” is the English title of the popular idol audition program series “Produce Camp,” which was broadcast on Tencent in China until 2021.

Shen Xiaoting, a Kep1er member who was successfully selected for “Girls Planet 999,” and Su Ruiqi, a popular participant in the show, also became the talk of the town when they appeared in “Produce Camp 2020”.

In addition, “Produce Camp 2021” was held as a boy group audition, and three Japanese participants from Avex in Japan were selected and became active as members of “INTO1”.
They are now stars in China. Taisho Ikumi, who appeared in “Boys Planet,” was also one of the performers in “Produce Camp 2021.”

This time, the show will be recorded in Thailand and broadcast on WeTV, with plans for further global expansion with the aim of becoming an internationally active girl group.

Prior to the February broadcast, the official SNS of the program showed several photos of a man and a woman with all but one part of their faces hidden with the comment “Let’s put our detective skills to the test. Find out together 21.12.23”. One of the photos seems to be of Ten, and fans are wondering if Ten will appear as a mentor.




CHUANG ASIA(@chuang.asia)がシェアした投稿

CHUANG ASIA will be held in Thailand, there is a high possibility that Ten, who is from Thailand, will appear as a mentor. We will be able to see a different side of Ten from when he is performing as a group.