New group ENHOOD? ENONE and BOYHOOD's interaction


Chinese male idol groups ENONE and BOYHOOD have been talking about their interaction

Both ENONE and BOYHOOD are Chinese male idol groups, and both groups are currently performing on “Asia Super Young,” a global audition program held in China.

Asia Super Young (Chinese: 亞洲超星團) is a 2023 Hong Kong male group reality competition show, which will premiere on November 25, 2023, at TVB and Youku, and consists of 10 episodes. The show focuses on 65 male trainees which compete to debut in the winning 9 member group.
In an idol audition program, you can usually see behind-the-scenes of the troop, practice scenes, and interaction among the members, in Asia Super Young, many members have already debuted but are participating as a whole group, so you can see interactions across group boundaries that you cannot usually see. In Asia Super Young, you can see the interactions that transcend the boundaries of the group, which is not usually possible.

The interaction between ENONE and BOYHOOD at Asia Super Young has become a hot topic. Both groups have just debuted, so it may be easy for them to get along with each other in terms of age. The two groups’ cheerful interaction became a hot topic of conversation among viewers after being aired several times, and the term ENHOOD was coined by combining the names of the two groups.

Both groups have become more well-known through this audition program, and we can expect to see more of them in the future.