Yusei Yagi takes first place in ViVi's handsome guy ranking


ViVi National Treasure Handsome Ranking: Yusei Yagi wins the “NOW Category” for the first time, Takuya Nishimura and Shota Watanabe win the “NEXT” and “ADULT” categories, respectively.

The results of the ” ViVi National Treasure Handsome Ranking”, a popular project of the fashion magazine “ViVi” (Kodansha Ltd), for the second half of 2023 were announced on April 14, and Yusei Yagi (FANTASTICS) was selected in the NOW category, Takuya Nishimura (Lil Kansai) in the NEXT category (under 22 years old), and Shota Watanabe (Snow Man) won first place in the ADULT category (30 years old and above). Details will appear in the February issue of the magazine, which will be on sale on February 22.

Yagi, who plays the lead role in the movie “My Beautiful Man ~eternal~” and is extremely popular throughout Asia, moved up from No. 2 to No. 1 for the first time, winning the “Asian Star Award” at the “Seoul Drama Awards 2023” as an actor as well as an artist as FANTASTICS. His popularity on TikTok is such that his posts with “#Yusei Yagi” have accumulated over 1.4 billion views.
In addition, his first photo book “CONTACT” was a huge hit, selling over 100,000 copies, an unprecedented feat for a solo male photo book, and garnered support from a wide range of generations and regions. During an appearance at the magazine’s “ViVi Night 2023” event, he declared, “Next time, I want to win first place! and he has fulfilled his promise.

I feel it very keenly that there are so many people who have turned their hearts toward me. I’m the type of person whose love is heavy, so I want to return the favor,” he promised. See the magazine for an interview filled with the joy of winning the top spot for the first time. A surprise video of the award presentation will also be released in the near future.

In addition to Yagi, Nishimura, and Watanabe, the magazine also features interviews and new photos of the talents ranked in the NOW and NEXT categories. The second and subsequent rankings in the NOW, NEXT, and ADULT categories will be announced on NETViVi at 9 p.m. on January 14.

【Takuya Nishimura】

【Shota Watanabe】