Emma Myers meets SEVENTEEN! "Successful Geek"


Emma Myers, who appeared in the popular Netflix series “Wendy’s Day,” has become a “sondeok” (successful geek).

December 13th, Emma Myers posted a photo on her SNS with the comment “say the name!

The photo shows Emma Myers meeting SEVENTEEN with her sister Isabelle Myers. The two visited what appeared to be a practice room and seemed to have a good time while taking pictures with SEVENTEEN. In the other photo, they are staring at the camera with SEUNGKWAN, DK, and HOSHI. The two of them with big smiles on their faces attracted the attention of the viewers.
Netizens who saw the photo commented, “You got your wish,” “You got to meet SEVENTEEN. Congratulations,” “Did you come to Korea to visit and meet SEVENTEEN?” and “You look happy.

Emma Myers and Isabelle Myers are well-known K-pop fans and are known to be CARATs (fans of SEVENTEEN), as they have posted authenticated shots of SEVENTEEN’s concert viewing. When Emma Myers appeared on NBC’s famous talk show “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” in January of this year, she revealed that she has loved SEVENTEEN for five years.

As for why she likes Korea, Isabelle Myers said through her YouTube channel, “My grandparents moved to Busan, South Korea after the 6.25 War (Korean War). My grandfather, who was an engineer, emigrated from Greece to help Korea,” she said, referring to a special connection.

She also “watches a lot of YouTube, loves SEVENTEEN, and watches a lot of ‘Going Seventeen. I also watch a lot of dramas,” she said, expressing her love for Korea.

Emma Myers debuted as a child actress in 2010. She gained popularity for her role as Enid Sinclair in the Netflix series “Wednesday,” which was released last year. Her younger sister Isabelle Myers is also an actress.