EXO's Sehun has revealed the cover of the magazine


EXO SEHUN selected for the cover of a Chinese fashion magazine… Romantic atmosphere draws the eyes of the viewers.

SEHUN posted the phrase “Our first snow promise” in Chinese on his Instagram along with two photos. The magazine is a Chinese fashion magazine known for featuring some of the best stars of the day on its covers.

The photos from the magazine were released via Chinese social media sites such as Weibo. Wearing a bright red shawl and an ankle-length long coat, he looks at the camera like a scene from a movie, giving off a romantic vibe. Also, in the darkness, the red shawl becomes a point of interest, as if a camellia flower is blooming.
In another photo, his beautiful visuals with clear noses and eyes combine with his black clothes to create a cool atmosphere. He also has a slightly raised eyebrow expression that tells many stories with his gorgeous yet sharp eyes.

Fans showed various reactions such as “Gravure, I’ve really been waiting for this,” “Even if it snows heavily, SEHUN’s nose line will never be covered,” “SEHUN whiter than snow,” and “Please show me the stage of “Stay” with that face, please.
EXO, to which Sehun belongs, released their 7th full-length album “EXIST” this year, and the title track “Cream Soda” ranked No. 1 on Korean music programs, showing their unchanged underlying strength despite this being their comeback after 3 years and 7 months.