THE BOYZ opened their personal Instagram!


Each of them already has over 180,000 followers!

Members of THE BOYZ have been attracting attention by opening their personal Instagram one after another.

Yesterday (March 3), THE BOYZ members New (@idisnew), Sangyeon (@thesangyeon), Juyeon (@tbzuyeon), Hyunjae (@leejaehyunow), Jacob (@jakeyjbae), Kevin (, Q (@_. qfeed__), Juhangnyeon (@_juhaknyeon_), Eric (, and Yeonghoon (@_0hoony) opened personal accounts to increase communication with their fans ahead of their debut anniversary on December 6.

The long-awaited opening of his personal account has been greeted with joy by fans. As if to prove this, as of the 4th, the number of followers for all accounts has already exceeded 180,000.

Sonu, who is the only one of the members who has not opened a personal account, drew laughter by releasing a photo through the group’s official account with the comment, “This account belongs to me from now on.

They held “THE BOYZ 2ND WORLD TOUR: ZENERATION ENCORE” at KSPO DOME (Olympic Gymnastics Stadium) in Songpa-gu, Seoul from the 1st to the 3rd to meet their fans. In addition, a fan meeting is scheduled to be held in Japan in February 2024.