Wang Yibo starring in the movie "One and Only", box office revenue of 912 million yuan, audience exceeded 22 million.


It has been announced that the box-office revenue of the film “One and Only,” starring popular Chinese actor Wang Yibo , ultimately reached 912 million yuan (about 18.9 billion yen), and fans have been expressing their congratulations one after another.

The film was released in China on July 28 and stars veteran actor Huang Bo alongside Wang Yibo in a street dance-themed film. Wang Yibo played the role of Chen Cheng, who keeps his dream alive despite difficult circumstances and faces various adversities. Director Da Peng, who held the megaphone for this film, revealed in response to a reporter’s question at an event after the film’s crank-up that “Wang Yibo was a part of this film.

According to a post on the 27th of this month on the Chinese film platform Cat’s Eye Cinema, the film’s final box office totaled 912 million yuan, with a total audience of 2,205,000,000. The post also mentioned that the film had broken 28 records, including “the sports film box office champion in Chinese film history,” and had been nominated for six awards. I will never forget the summer I spent with Chen Chen,” “I am looking forward to seeing Wang Yibo and the production team work together again,” and “Wang Yibo has shown his extraordinary ability on screen. I look forward to what’s to come.