BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star" trailer released, showing past footage and reunion with ARMY


The documentary series “BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star” (8 episodes, distributed every Wednesday) will be exclusively available on Disney+, Disney’s official video distribution service, from December 20. A special poster and trailer have just been released.

BTS celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, and this documentary series is a must-see for fans, following the group’s growth from its pre-debut to the present, their individual solo projects, and their plans to relaunch the group in 2025. The film captures the 10 years of the seven members as they continue their journey of brilliance, suffering and challenges, and finding their goals in life, and allows viewers to discover “why BTS is BTS.

The film goes back to the past, including J-HOPE’s surprise birthday party and JUNG KOOK’s high school graduation ceremony, as well as to the feelings BTS had when they first met, the loneliness they felt during their time in Corona, and episodes and true feelings that have rarely been shared by the members themselves. The interview focuses more on the inner lives of the members.

The first-ever footage from the group’s early years in training, as well as interviews from their training period, will also be shown for the first time, including footage from their 2013 Mellon Music Awards win for Best New Artist, their debut at the American Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards, and their journey and key moments on the world stage, from speaking at the United Nations to performing at the 100,000-plus capacity Rose Bowl Stadium and at London’s Wembley Stadium. The film is packed with footage that can only be seen here, such as their trajectory and important moments on the world stage, including a speech at the United Nations, a performance at the Rose Bowl Stadium, which can hold over 100,000 people, and a performance at London’s Wembley Stadium.

The poster features a collage of the BTS logo, their live stage performances, and their debut at the Billboard Music Awards, and shows the important moments for them and for “ARMY,” who continue to watch over and support them at all times, as well as their brilliant trajectory. The special poster includes their debut at the Billboard Music Awards and other important moments for them and for “ARMY” who continue to watch and support them at all times. The poster, entitled “10 Years of BTS and Beyond,” conveys the positive message that the story of BTS will continue onward.

In addition, the trailer, which was released along with the poster, features the familiar chorus of “Bangtan, bangtan, bangtan, bangtan! The trailer also begins with a scene just before the live performance, showing the seven members getting fired up with their familiar chants of “Bangtan, bangtan, bangtan! I really lived as if I was addicted to something. As SUGA says, “We were trying to escape from it, from the bottom of our hearts,” we see the seven young members repeating dance lessons and vocal training one more time and one more time until they were satisfied with their performance, and we can see the extraordinary effort behind their overwhelming performance.

The members’ disappointed expressions and reactions when they learned of the cancellation of their scheduled tour in the spring of 2020 due to the Corona disaster during their 10 years of activity, as well as their waiting period, were also reflected in their performances, The film also shows their condition during the waiting period, which was the moment when they and ARMY, who had been running desperately, stopped for the first time and had no choice but to stop.

As they vented, “I’m just living like this, not seeing anyone” (JIN) and “I’ve been waiting and hoping for some change in my personal life” (V), we can see the anguish of the waiting period and their struggles as artists. Finally, the “BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE in THE US” was realized in Los Angeles, which everyone had been waiting for. The audience was filled with cheers and “ami-bombs,” and he said, “I have endured and lived my whole life to see this. I want to say these words first.” The members were so happy to be reunited with ARMY that it was hard to miss the sight of them shining brightly as if they were making up for lost time.

Even after the waiting period, the seven members continue to run, looking for a new path forward. As JIMIN says, “We haven’t experienced it yet, so let’s all go there together.” This trailer reminds us that we can walk with BTS through a landscape that no one has ever seen before or in the future.