ENHYPEN shows new charm with new album


We have created what we want to express

The boy group ENHYPEN, which boasts worldwide popularity, held a media showcase for its 5th mini-album “ORANGE BLOOD” on November 16.

Their previous album “DARK BLOOD” sold over 1.32 million copies in its first week of release, becoming a million seller. It also reached No. 4 on the main U.S. Billboard chart, and has been on the chart for eight consecutive weeks since. Their success in Japan has also been remarkable, with their first dome tour in just 2 years and 10 months after their debut.

The group, which has garnered support beyond national borders, shines uniquely with its spectacular visuals, flawless performances, and expressive vocals and harmonies, but the story and message of the album is also an essential component of the group’s identity.

What was the concept behind the new album “Orange Blood”? Reporters listened carefully to what the seven members had to say, paying close attention to this point.

The showcase began on time, with the MC greeting the audience, followed by photo time. After the solo and group photos were taken, each member greeted the audience.

NI-KI said, “We are very happy to present our new music to you.
We like our new album very much because we can feel the mood we want to express” (HEESEUNG)
“We worked really hard to prepare this work. Please look forward to it!” (JAKE)
“The six months of preparation went by so fast” (SUNGHOON)
“This time, we paid attention not only to the choreography but also to the facial expressions. I hope you will enjoy it” (JUNGWON)
“We’ve been working hard to show you how cool we look every time we release an album, and we prepared hard so that you can feel that side of us” (SUNOO)
“We prepared this album with confidence, so please look forward to it” (JAY)

After these words, they immediately performed “Sweet Venom,” the title track of “ORANGE BLOOD. After showing the music video of the song, the seven members appeared in the center of the stage and showed a series of challenging choreographies with cool expressions and sexy gestures.

The group’s color became even clearer with the addition of JAY’s lyrics to the song. The lyrics, which depict a boy’s heart, <All I need is the poison of ‘you’ / Take me to a new world> are sure to resonate with the audience, especially those of the same generation.

After the performance, ENHYPEN explained the theme of “ORANGE BLOOD” and the songs on the album. When the boy meets “you” again, he is excited and thrilled as if everything is for the first time, but he loses the power he thought was eternal and realizes that nothing in the world is infinite. But like the words “carpe diem,” he tries his best to love “you” with everything he has in the present moment. ORANGE BLOOD” will show such a boy’s vow with the warmest color of orange light.

Orange Blood” also expresses the boy’s longing to connect with ENGENE (the nickname of ENHYPEN’s fans) through his story. He said, “I think my relationship with ENGENE is like a rubber band: no matter how far apart we are, our hearts are always close. It is like a rubber band that stretches but quickly returns and does not break easily,” said SUNGHOON. I feel like we are sharing our emotions. The members’ feelings can be heard in every note of each song on the album, and this is one of the unique attractions of the album.
The song “Sweet Venom,” which was just released for the first time, was first heard by SUNOO, who said, “I thought this was the title track. In addition to the Korean version, there is also an English version and a version featuring popular American singer Bella Porch (available only on music distribution sites). The artist must have wanted people to enjoy the different tastes of this song because of his confidence.

Many of the other songs on “Orange Blood” are also worth listening to. When asked about his favorite song on the album, he replied, “I like ‘Orange Flower (You Complete Me). I like ‘Orange Flower (You Complete Me)’ because it is a song that expresses my gratitude to “you,” my confidence in love, my courage, and my commitment. It is a song that compares those things to an orange flower. It’s a beautiful song, isn’t it? The seven members’ narration in Korean, Japanese, and English is also attractive, so please pay attention to it” (HEESEUNG), and the members’ tastes varied.

After the exchange with the MC, they performed another song from “Orange Blood”, “Still Monster”. The song is a medium-tempo ballad about a monster who is saved but still suffers from the shadows of his past, and “you” who loves him. The choreography is a highlight of the song.

The showcase concluded with a Q&A session with the press. When asked what he thought when he heard the demo of “Sweet Venom,” JAKE said, “I thought it was an unusual song that the group had never done before. I had very high expectations for the recording,” he recalled. HEESEUNG also revealed that while recording the Korean version of the song, HYBE’s founder and producer Pang Si-hyuk complimented the group. I was even more pleased to think that he was praising me by that standard,” he laughed.

When asked about the “ENHYPEN WORLD TOUR ‘FATE’ IN JAPAN” held at Tokyo Dome in September, NI-KI replied, “Tokyo Dome is where our seniors like BTS and SEVENTEEN performed, so it was a very meaningful stage. It was a very meaningful stage. Also, among the K-pop boy groups, we are really grateful that we were able to hold the Tokyo Dome in the shortest period of time, and we think it is something we can only be thankful for,” he said frankly.

JUNGWON made the last comment. We are making a comeback with ‘ORANGE BLOOD,’ which shows the opposite color of our last album, ‘DARK BLOOD. However, we will continue to work hard to overcome these criticisms and will continue to take on new challenges without resting on our laurels. We are confident in the quality of this album. I hope you will concentrate on listening to the songs on this album.

“ORANGE BLOOD” sold 1,383,292 copies (according to HANTEO chart) on its release date (November 17), breaking its own record. As JUNGWON said, ENHYPEN will become even bigger if they keep challenging themselves no matter what. We look forward to more great things from ENHYPEN in the future.