Wang Yibo perform at iQIYI Scream Night!


Wang Yibo, a member of the male idol group UNIQ and an actor who became famous for his role in the 2019 drama “The Untamed,” will participate in the iQIYI Screaming Night in Macau on November 25, it was officially announced today.

IQIYI is a video-sharing website established in 2010 by Baidu, China’s largest search engine provider, and is currently a major distribution platform in China with a business alliance with Netflix. iQIYI Sreaming Night, which has been held since 2014, will be held at Galaxy Variety Hall, Macao.

Wang Yibo, who has participated in various award ceremonies prior to iQIYI Sreaming Night, received the Outstanding Leading Actor Award at the 11th Zhejiang Film Phoenix Awards on November 6. He was also named as one of the award winners at the Xingguang Awards to be held on December 17.

Wang also appeared at the Golden Rooster Awards ceremony held on November 8. He paid tribute to the Lifetime Achievement Award winners.

“There is a kind of movie that shows us that the founders of new China have become irreplaceable and eternal, and that the builders of the Republic are living and breathing with us. And these movies often come from a filmmaker named Junjie Zhai. Mr. Junjie Zhai’s films teach us what the Long March is. It is an unheard of story, one of the most colorful red ribbons on earth. No matter how Mr. Junjie Zhai’s movies tell history, his focus is always on the people in history. He believes that in order to create people of flesh and blood, one’s own emotions must first be rich enough. The rivers and mountains are so beautiful, and the people are always the biggest scenery. Here, let’s pay our sincerest respect to the famous movie artist Junjie Zhai!”

We’ll be keeping an eye on him through the end of the year!!