INI x Naniwa Danshi x BE:FIRST Miraculous Collaboration


INI x Naniwa Danshi x BE:FIRST Debut Synchronized Collaboration Medley Received Reactions of “Dreamy Time” and “All Three Groups are Big Winners

On the 16th, a special music program “Best Hit Song Festival 2023” (7:00-9:54 pm) was broadcast live for three hours from Osaka Castle Hall on Yomiuri TV and NTV. who debuted in November 2021, collaborated beyond the boundaries of their offices.

INI and BE:FIRST debuted on November 3, 2021, and Naniwa Danshi debuted on November 12, 2021, at the same time and just celebrated their second anniversary. The collaboration of the three popular groups attracted much attention.

When the three groups took the stage, Osaka-jo Hall was filled with cheers. The host, Seiji Miyane, said excitedly, “Something amazing is happening on stage right now. Daigo Nishihata of Naniwa Danshi greeted the audience by saying, “We debuted at the same time, so we three groups of the same age are here to collaborate.

When asked about the interaction between the groups, MANATO of BE:FIRST confessed, “I went out for yakiniku with INI’s Jin (Matsuda Jin) and Rihi (Ikezaki Rihito/Tatsusaki). When asked by host Eiji Wentz about the “bill,” Matsuda replied, “We played rock-paper-scissors, and when we lost, we agreed to pay, so MANATO-kun paid.

Naniwa Danshi’s Kento Nagao said, “I went to see BE:FIRST’s live the other day, and it was really cool,” to which BE:FIRST responded, “Thank you.” BE:FIRST’s LEO enthusiastically said, “We are three groups who celebrated the fateful day of our debut in close proximity, so I hope today will be a wonderful day.” INI’s Kimura Seya said with excitement, “This is a rare opportunity, so I want to enjoy it as much as I can.”

INI collaborated with BE:FIRST on their debut song “Rocketeer,” BE:FIRST with Naniwa Danshi on their pre-debut song “Shining One,” and Naniwa Danshi with INI & BE:FIRST on their 2nd single “The Answer, The three groups sang together, shoulder to shoulder, and the fans of each group went wild.

After the dream collaboration, Kazuya Ohashi of Naniwa Danshi said, “It was a lot of fun. I hope we can make something new together like this again,” said RYUHEI of BE:FIRST with a smile, “I really enjoyed each and every song. I think we were able to show a good chemical reaction.

The social networking sites responded, “The collaboration was too good,” “It was a dreamy time,” “The collaboration of the same groups was really great,” “BE:FIRST, INI, and Naniwa Danshi were all big winners! and “#INI Naniwa BE:FIRST collaboration” ranked high on X.