EXO D.O. reveals new profile photo


Expect more success after the move!

EXO’s D.O.(DOHKYUNGSOO)’s new profile photo has been released.

On November 20, his agency Company Soo Soo released new profile photos of DOHKYUNGSOO.

In the profile photo, DOHKYUNGSOO shows a variety of looks from deep gaze to soft atmosphere.

DOHKYUNGSOO shows off his dandy charm as well as his charisma and depth of character in his profile photo.

In particular, this profile photo is the first profile photo taken with his new agency, Company Soo Soo, and it shows his new look, raising expectations for his future activities.

Last year, DOHKYUNGSOO appeared in KBS 2TV drama “Legal Crazy Serious Game” to the movie “The Moon,” which was released this year, and he has been active in both movies and dramas. He has received positive reviews for his sensitive acting through various genres of works and characters.

He is also currently starring in the tvN variety “Where Soybeans Are Planted, Soybeans Grow; Where Azuki Beans Are Planted, Azuki Beans Grow,” which is currently airing in Korea and is a favorite among viewers.

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DOHKYUNGSOO Official Instagram:@d.o.hkyungsoo