BTS Jung Kook presents special memories at his first fan showcase!


Members also cheered him
“ARMY is my life”!

Jung Kook of BTS (Bulletproof Youth Team) gave his fans a golden moment.

The fan showcase “Jung Kook ‘GOLDEN’ Live On Stage” was held at 8 p.m. on the 20th at Jangchung Gymnasium in Jung-gu, Seoul.

Since this showcase was held to celebrate the release of his first solo album “GOLDEN,” Jung Kook performed all the songs from the album and created unforgettable memories with his 2,800-plus fans.

He opened the show with the title track “Standing Next to You” and the song “Yes or No,” and told the fans in the audience, “(This showcase) is a place and space that I prepared for ARMY (BTS fans). I was so happy to be able to meet ARMY in person and show them the stage,” he said. I’m nervous because it’s my first time to do a long performance by myself, but I’ll do my best since everyone will be watching over me,” he said. From the very first song, fans started waving penlights and shouting Jong-gu’s name, and the atmosphere reached a climax as soon as the performance started.

After performing “Somebody,” “Hate You,” “Shot Glass of Tears,” and “Too Sad To Dance” from his solo album for the first time, he performed “Closer to You (feat. Major Lazer),” “3D (feat. Jack Harlow),” and “Please Don’t Change (feat. Jack Harlow). Please Don’t Change (feat. DJ Snake),” and “Seven (feat. Latto),” the audience cheered and chanted along with the live performance.

He performed “Magic Shop” by BTS as an encore song and said, “I am happy to release ‘Golden’ and to be able to sing in front of you all. I think I’ve become an amazing person since I met you all. ARMY is my life. ARMY is my life, and I want you to remember that I am with you all the time, everywhere.

RM, who had attended the performance, was handed the microphone on the spot and said, “I’m really cool and proud of you. I’m the youngest, but I’m always learning by watching Jong-gu,” he said, confirming their firm friendship.

Jung Kook sang his own song “Still With You,” which was released in 2020, and it was the finale of the showcase. On this day, he sang 12 songs in about two hours, presenting a fan showcase that was as good as a concert. The audience applauded even after Jong-Guk left the stage.

Jung Kook’s attention to his fans was evident in this showcase. He set up a hexagonal stage in the middle of the venue to symbolize his “golden balance” and tried to communicate with the audience as closely as possible. He also gave each fan a disposable film camera to record their memories, creating a fan showcase filled with love.

The showcase was streamed live via the global fan life platform, Weverse, for fans who could not attend the event. Fans from 224 countries and regions around the world watched the showcase, and the maximum number of simultaneous viewers reached 1,159,460.