"Til the End of the Moon" to advance the careers of actors?


The fantasy historical drama “Til the End of the Moon” won first place in the “Chinese Drama Hotness Ranking Distributed This Year” published by the movie and drama information website Maoyan. The historical drama, starring Leo Lo (Luo Yunxi) and Bai Lu (Bai Lu) as well as the four main cast members, has reportedly started cranking at the filming base ” Hengdian World Studios” and has become a hot topic among fans.

Leo Lo, who played three roles in “Till The End Of The Moon,” is expected to arrive at Hengdian World Studios soon for the filming of the martial arts drama “Shuilongyin,” following his role in the spring/summer historical drama “Yanxinji. The filming of “Shuilongyin” is expected to begin in December, pending the decision of the heroine.

Bai Ru, who played the heroine in “Til the End of the Moon,” will appear in the fantasy period drama “White Moon Bon Xing” as the daughter of a star goddess in the heavenly realm and a general in the human realm. The film was shot at Hengdian World Studios on March 5.

Chen Du Ling, who played the second lead heroine in “Til the End of the Moon,” has been cast as the lead in the fantasy historical drama “Daimu Kiwei,” which began craning on October 1. During the period of the spread of the new corona outbreak, she “jumped into” a number of productions and has been gaining popularity for her polished acting skills and pretty good looks.Deng Wei, a handsome actor who played the second male lead in “Til the End of the Moon” and attracted attention for his “striking gap between period drama and everyday life,” has further accelerated his popularity with “Chang Sang Sai,” and is now hard at work on the fantasy period drama “Sendai Yuju,” which began filming on October 12.

SNH48 member Sun Jianni (孫珍妮), who played the third leading role of the heroine, a fox, in “Til the End of the Moon,” has been cast as the heroine in the period drama “Thousand Peach Blossoms,” which began shooting on October 8, and Geng Yeting (耿業庭), who played the third leading male role, has been cast in the martial arts drama “Gongzi Muso,” which began shooting on October 27. Gong Zi Muso” which started production on the 27th of the same month.

The fact that the main actors of “Til the End of the Moon” returned to Hengdian World Studios one after another as the main characters of new dramas has reverberated through the Chinese Internet, with comments such as, “The effect of ‘Til the End of the Moon’ has added to the careers of all the actors,” “The shooting times of the new dramas overlap, and it seems that we will meet again at various places in Hengdian World Studios,” and “It is a strange fate that began with Til the End of the Moon. The mysterious relationship that began with “Til the End of the Moon”” and various other responses were seen.