Number_i appears on the W cover of NYLONJAPAN


Number_i makes its “world debut” on the W cover of “NYLON JAPAN GLOBAL ISSUE04” with a long interview of more than 10,000 words.

Number_i, a three-member group consisting of Shiyou Hirano, Yuta Jinguji, and Yuta Kishi, was featured on the cover of the magazine “NYLON JAPAN GLOBAL ISSUE04” (Caelum), which went on sale on March 15, and on the GUYS cover (back side). The theme of the common cover story is “Exchanging love letters. This is the “world’s first appearance” in the magazine, which is also sold overseas.

The story that begins on the cover is a photo letter from the group to the reader, composed of stylish and energetic creativity that seems to point to a bright future for the three members. It is a heartwarming love letter that allows readers to feel the ongoing energy of the three members, and the artwork, which each member drew with the reader in mind, is also noteworthy for its concentration of their individuality.

On the other hand, the “Guys” cover story is a series of fragile and beautiful visuals that seem to be filled with the emotional feelings of the readers, and it offers a glimpse into the filter of the minds of those who support the Number_i members, believing that they are “like a light to help us step forward into tomorrow. The soft emotional world of love and peace unfolds in such a way that one is under the illusion of peering through the filter of the minds of those who support the Number_i members, believing them to be “like a light to step out into the future.

The key words are “totem poles created by the three members frolicking in the garden,” “each member’s three different expressions of ?” and the last part, “Shiyoh Hirano, who receives love letters from readers on behalf of the members,” is a heart-grabbing expression. The inside of the magazine is 36 pages in total, and the highlight is a long interview of more than 10,000 characters filled with their fresh feelings. The two-sided storyline is like a love correspondence between the three members in a conceptual structure that maximizes their charms.

The inside pages feature a fresh fashion page from New York and a lineup of globally active artists, including world-renowned rapper/hyper-pop singer Shygirl from NYLON FRANCE and electro-pop musician SHYE from NYLON MANILA. In addition, an editorial with an interview with the up-and-coming international artists of the next generation will be introduced from the music and culture media “VI/NYL”.

This global issue will be bilingual (Japanese/English) and will be available for sale overseas. The international edition of NYLON (magazine and website) will also feature Number_i.