WayV comeback with 2nd album “On My Youth”


Way V Comeback after about a year

A total of 10 songs including the title song ‘On My Youth’!
WayV (LABEL V) will make a spectacular comeback in November with their 2nd full-length album ‘On My Youth’.

WayV’s 2nd full-length album ‘On My Youth’ will be released in its entirety on November 1 at 6 PM (Korean time) on various music platforms such as Melon, Flo, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, QQ Music, Kugou Music, and Kuwo Music. The sound source will be released, and the album will also be released on November 8th.

This album consists of a total of 10 songs of various genres, including the title song ‘On My Youth (遗憾效应)’, allowing you to experience WayV’s renewed music world that goes back and forth between various charms.

In particular, WayV is making a comeback 11 months after the fourth mini-album ‘Phantom’ released in December 2022, with ‘Phantom’, ‘Kick Back’, and ‘Turn Back Time’. , ‘Moonwalk’, etc., they have proven their unique color and solid skills with trendy music and powerful performances for each song they release, so expectations are high on what kind of unique side they will show with their 2nd full-length album.

In addition, WayV will hold its first global fan meeting tour ‘2023 WayV Fanmeeting Tour’ this year, meeting 14 times in 10 cities around the world to build rapport with fans from all over the world and build global power. has been upgraded further, and attention is focused on the performance that will be shown through this album.

Meanwhile, WayV’s 2nd full-length album ‘On My Youth’ will be released as an album on November 8, and pre-orders are now available at various online and offline record stores. Click here to pre-order.

Also, some songs have been released as track videos ahead of the title song On My Youth. Fans’ expectations are only increasing for their comeback in November.

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