&TEAM unveils concept photos and videos with "stunning visuals”


&TEAM set for comeback!!

HYBE LABELS JAPAN’s first global group “&TEAM“, which is under the Japanese headquarters of HYBE, the label with which BTS, SEVENTEEN, and others belong, released 40 photos of the first concept of their first album “First Howling : NOW” (released November 15) at midnight on October 17. Ten minutes later, a Concept Clip was also released on the official HYBE LABELS YouTube channel.

The Concept Photo “STARTLINE” captures the fearless expressions of the nine members of the overwhelmingly visual group, who are now ready to compete and stand at the “start line” believing in the power of unity.

The concept clip also shows the fearless spirit of “We have nothing to fear now,” and the power of unity that is the group’s identity, as seen in the members’ eyes without hesitation, the nine members forming a circle, and the scene where they rejoice together. The costumes, reminiscent of the original HYBE story “Black Moon: City of Gray,” are also noteworthy.

Another concept for First Howling : NOW, the culmination of the First Howling series, will be revealed in the Mood Teaser, which will be released at midnight on the 19th.

&TEAM, which debuted with its first EP “First Howling: ME” last December 7, is a nine-member group consisting of EJ (leader), FUMA (sub-leader), K, NICHOLAS, YUMA, JO, HARUA, TAKI and MAKI. K, the oldest member, attracted attention when he participated in the famous “Akasaka 5-chome mini-marathon” for the first time and won the event on TBS’s “All Star Thanksgiving 23 Autumn” broadcast on April 14.

[&TEAM First Howling : NOW Concept Clip – STARTLINE]