Stray Kids and LiSA talk about their collaboration song


A video of a conversation between Stray Kids and LiSA was released on Stray Kids’ official YouTube channel

Their first collaboration was on Stray Kids’ title song “Social Path (feat. LiSA)” from their 1st Japanese EP “Social Path (feat. LiSA) / Super Bowl -Japanese ver.-” released on September 6th. Stray Kids and LiSA. In thisconversation, which was held to commemorate this occasion, the behind-the-scenes stories behind the production of the song and episodes from before their debut are told.

During the conversation, BANG CHAN of Stray Kids told, “I am unbelievably honored to be able to perform with my seniors, whom I respect on a daily basis,” and LiSA said, “In the part where everyone’s voices overlap, I felt Stray Kids’ strong will to pave the way and I will fight with them! I thought,” she recalled of the collaboration. During the conversation, LiSA was moved to tears at one point as she compared the lyrics of the collaboration song to her own path. The video of the conversation is over 27 minutes long.

【Stray Kids×LiSA】 Special Interview