All members of TREASURE's new unit "T5" have been announced.


All members of ‘T5’ were revealed! Were your predictions correct?

It was announced on the 15th that JIHOON will be the third member of TREASURE’s new unit T5. Furthermore, on the 16th, it was announced that the fourth member would be YOON JAE HYUK.
And on the 17th, it was announced that the final member would be DOYOUNG.

With this, TREASURE’s new unit T5 will start activities in July including SO JUNG HWAN, JUNKYU, JIHOON, YOON JAE HYUK, and DOYOUNG.

All the puzzle pieces of T5, the new unit of YG’s big group TREASURE, are put together,
the anticipation of music fans reached its peak.

So far, they have been loved by music fans with their unique energetic atmosphere, but the public teaser image has a more mature aura that contradicts this, and the reaction is explosive.

The fact that it is composed only of vocal members also stimulates curiosity. Treasure’s solid rap plays a strong role in all songs released by TREASURE, so it is expected that the new style will be slightly different from TREASURE’s previously released music.

Consisting of a group of ‘self-proclaimed good-looking quintet’, T5 has not only visuals and skills, but also unstoppable confidence, and fans’ curiosity about the expanded music spectrum has increased.

T5 will hold a special pre-promotion to release the choreography video before the music video.

Following T5’s unit activities in July, TREASURE will accelerate their popularity with their second full-length album “REBOOT” filled with new songs in August.

General producer Yang Hyun Suk said, “TREASURE will be reborn,” and as you can guess from the album name, which means a restart, TREASURE is expected to make another leap forward from a new starting point.