Luo Yizhou "后浪 | GEN Z " crying scene won praise detail interpretation role growth.


Former IXFORM member Luo Yizhou has been praised for his acting growth! “He really have seriously figure out the role…

The reality TV series “后浪 | GEN Z ” is continuing to be broadcast on Eastern TV, the drama has shown a bright market share since its inception, and its popularity is rising, with the station heat on Youku platform already exceeding 10000, making it one of the most popular TV series recently.

Among them, Luo Yizhou as Ren Tian Zhen with the development of the plot character gradually three-dimensional flesh, especially in the latest episode, the face of the patient suddenly passed away with tears of pain screen poking the heart, its empathetic performance makes the role of the inner drama more colorful, for the audience to bring great infectious power.

In the recent episode, Luo Yizhou‘s Ren Tian Zhen and Zhao Lusi’s Sun Tou Tou went together to find Xu Meng’s parents, hoping to cure Xu Meng with the power of Chinese medicine. In the process vof talking with Xu Meng’s mother, Luo Yizhou is skillful and clear in the face of big lines, adding charm to the role. However, in the end Xu Meng chose the extreme way, facing the passing Xu Meng, Ren Tian Zhen lying on the hospital bed in mourning and tears.

In this affectionate scene, Luo Yizhou to Ren Tian Zhen’s heartache for Xu Meng encounter, as a doctor cannot save people’s self-blame interpretation of the full sense of layers, the precise grasp of emotions and abundant emotions led the audience moved, have expressed by Luo Yizhou’s performance, some viewers commented: “Luo Yizhou really have seriously figure out the role, that silent crying let me feel the heartache, he interpreted the role too well!” Another viewer said, “This drama showed me the growth of Luo Yizhou, from lines to expressions, from emotions to heart, all acted very well.”

At the same time, the mode of getting along between Ren Tian Zhen and Sun Tau’s happy couple has also become a hot topic of discussion, especially the scene of their mutual confession of dislike has made many viewers look forward to the subsequent development of the plot.

The TV series “后浪 | GEN Z ” is centered on telling the story of Chinese medicine, and the show’s presentation of Chinese medicine culture has made viewers more interested in and identify with Chinese medicine. In addition, the drama’s popularity in Youku station broke 10,000 in ten days, which also proves the audience’s enthusiasm and tidal wave of praise for the drama from the side.

The TV series “后浪 | GEN Z ” is being broadcast on Eastern TV and Youku video. As the drama progresses, Luo Yizhou‘s performance has shown people his potential and talent. He has been on the road of actor, Luo Yizhou constantly breakthrough himself, dive into research, committed to shape more and richer roles, we look forward to new actor Luo Yizhou to bring us more surprises in the future.