LIL LEAGUE, major label debut from "LDH," releases sound and music video of 1st single "Hunter," expressing the journey to a dream.


LIL LEAGUE, a six-member dance/vocal/rap boy group with an average age of 15.6, will release its debut single “Hunter” on January 11.

LIL LEAGUE was selected as one of 19 finalists in the male division at “iCON Z 2022 ~Dreams For Children~,” the largest audition in LDH history with 48,000 male and female entries, and won the Grand Prix at the final screening at Nippon Budokan, where they were divided into three groups.

The song is a boy-pop sound reminiscent of the Jackson 5, where the band overcomes any obstacle and takes a chance, walking with their irreplaceable fans every moment of the journey they are about to embark on in pursuit of their dreams.

The music video compares the song “Hunter” to a treasure hunt, expressing LIL LEAGUE’s journey to their dreams that is about to begin.

Finding an old treasure map, the six set off on a treasure hunting adventure. Various difficulties await them during the adventure, but they never give up and enjoy this experience that they can only have now. When they finally reach the location of the treasure, what do they see?

The depiction of overcoming difficulties in the unknown world with LIL Friends (= fans) and enjoying the moment that is only now is like an expression of LIL LEAGUE and LIL Friends, the artists and fans who will debut in the future, growing together in cooperation.

Notable newcomer with over 470,000 total followers on the SNS

Before their debut, they already have more than 470,000 followers on SNS, and their song “Rollah Coaster,” which was distributed before their debut, has received more than 13 million streams. They are a promising newcomer group that has already garnered a lot of attention, especially from Generation Z.
They are currently holding the “LIL LEAGUE MUSHA SHUGYO ~LIL CARAVAN~” in preparation for their debut.