THE RAMPAGE's Kazuma Kawamura shows off his "beautiful body" on the first solo cover of a beauty magazine. The staff was also impressed: He's a superhero!

Ichima Kawamura of the dance and vocal group THE RAMPAGE will be on the cover of the August issue of the beauty magazine “VOCE” (Kodansha), which goes on sale June 21. This will be the first time for Kawamura to appear on the cover of a beauty magazine alone.

Kawamura is the magazine’s most-appeared men. Kazuma Kawamura’s First Army Cosmetics” is available on the official VOCE YouTube, and “Ich” 10,000-character interview” on the VOCE website. Because he has been photographed many times, we considered how to present her this time around. In honor of her first appearance in the magazine’s “Beautiful Body Gravure” project about two years ago, the latest version of the magazine includes elements of beautiful body gravure and a dream collaboration with Kawamura’s favorite things.

Upon completing the interview, the staff felt that Kazuma Kawamura was a superhero. It is packed with the elements of superheroism that fans feel every day. In this interview and photos, you will see his wild side that makes you want to follow him, his gentle side that only a hero can show, the source of his power charge, and much more.