PSYCHIC FEVER to perform at “Japan Expo Paris 2024”! Kokoro Kohatsu: “Feel the chemical reaction between us and Paris”.


PSYCHIC FEVER, a seven-member group from EXILE TRIBE, will perform at Japan Expo Paris 2024 (July 11-14, Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Hall), the largest comprehensive Japanese cultural exposition in Europe. The announcement was made at the event’s press conference held in Paris, France on June 6. The event will be held on the 12th, 13th, and 14th, and will feature live performances as well as dance classes and fan meetings.

The group has been active in Southeast Asia, especially in Thailand, but this is their first time in France.
Kokoro Kohatsu said “I am very happy to be able to perform at this historic event that has been held since 2000, and said “I am really looking forward to spending a wonderful time with everyone at the event, transcending language barriers! I hope you can feel the chemical reaction between Japanese culture, our music and entertainment and Paris!”

WEESA also stated that he was honored to perform and said, “This will be PSYCHIC FEVER’s first performance in Paris, so I am really looking forward to it! As a Japanese artist, I will do my best to perform to convey Japanese culture to as many people as possible through music, even though it is only a small effort! And I will do my best to spread Japanese culture to as many people overseas as possible so that they will fall in love with it! I will do my best to spread Japanese culture to as many people overseas as possible!

PSYCHIC FEVER has been active both domestically and internationally, with their song “Just Like Dat feat. JP THE WAVY” released this year surpassing 180 million views on TikTok and charting in 9 Asian countries and regions in the Spotify Viral Chart Top 50, and other dance videos that are attracting attention around the world. This was also the deciding factor for their appearance at the event.

The event is one of the largest comprehensive expositions of Japanese culture in Europe, which has been held on the outskirts of Paris since 2000, and showcases the charms of Japan, including manga, animation, games, traditional culture, music, tourism, martial arts, technology, and food culture.

Known for its live performances by artists from Japan as well, the festival attracts pop culture professionals and enthusiastic fans from around the world every year. Last year, YOSHIKI, Sakurazaka 46, and Tsukasa Hojo, author of the manga “City Hunter,” among others, performed, and a record 255,259 people attended the event.