Snow Man releases 11th single, a rocking dance number & a sweet love song.


Snow Man’s 11th single “BREAKOUT / Kimi wa Boku no mono” will be released on July 31.

One of the title songs, “BREAKOUT,” is the theme song for the movie “Akabane Honeko’s Bodyguard” starring Raul. It is a rock-inspired dance number with an aggressive, edgy sound that brings out the individuality of each member’s singing voice. On the other hand, “Kimi wa Boku no mono” is a bright, royal pop tune. The song is a sweet love song about realizing one’s heart in love, set to a sound that evokes a sparkling summer scene.

This work will be available in three forms: a standard CD-only disc, and first-run limited editions A and B. All forms include a serial number for viewing the video. In addition to their respective music videos, the limited first editions A and B will include various contents such as a making-of featurette and a special video shot by the artist.