Takanori Iwata appearing in movie "Saint☆Oniisan THE MOVIE ~Holy Man VS Akuma Gundan~"!


Movie “Saint☆Oniisan THE MOVIE ~Holy Man VS Akuma Gundan~”
featuring Takanori Iwata
will be screened at TOHO cinemas around Japan from 12/20/2024 (Fri.)!

Takanori Iwata will appear in the movie “Saint☆Oniisan THE MOVIE ~Holy Man VS Akuma Gundan~” which will be screened at TOHO cinemas around Japan from 12/20/2024 (Fri.)!
The movie depicts the vacation of <Jesus, the Son of God> and <enlightened Buddha> in the mortal world as they live together in a 6-tatami mat-sized apartment without a bath in Tachikawa, Tokyo—
It is adapted from the unique gag manga “Saint Young Men” with bold and innovative settings, which has sold more than 17 million copies.
The manga revolves around the duo of Jesus and Buddha, whose respective styles are T-shirt and denim.
The unique subject matter and the one-of-a-kind special technique of drawing make the work called a revolutionary gag manga unique to Japan. It continues to be loved by people beyond gender, age and region.
Takanori Iwata plays Archangel Michael who leads the army of angels!
Be sure to check it out!!

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【Takanori Iwata’s comment】
When I heard director Fukuda would adapt “Saint Young Men” into a live-action movie for the first time, I thought it would be a very challenging and intriguing project.
The appearing characters are all gods from various historical myths that we have all heard of.
I play Archangel Michael. As he is the chief angel, I had prepared to be hung high and expected to fly like an angel. But actually in the shooting, I found in most of my scenes, I was on tatami mats.
Be sure to enjoy the impressive entertainment brought by director Fukuda’s group at theaters.

Movie “Saint☆Oniisan THE MOVIE ~Holy Man VS Akuma Gundan~”
【Release date】
12/20/2024 (Fri.)
Hikaru Nakamura “Saint Young Men” (serialized in Kodansha “MORNING two”)

【Scriptwriter & director】
Yuichi Fukuda
Kenichi Matsuyama, Shota Sometani, Kento Kaku, Takanori Iwata, Mai Shiraishi, Ryo Katsuji, Jiro Sato
Movie “Saint☆Oniisan” Production Committee

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