BALLISTIK BOYZ to Perform at Nippon Budokan for the First Time: “A Moment to Achieve One of Our Goals”.


BALLISTIK BOYZ will hold their first Nippon Budokan concert [BALLISTIK BOYZ LIVE 2024 “BBZ EVOLUTION”] on November 6, 2024.

On June 2, BALLISTIK BOYZ held the Tokyo leg of their “BALLISTIK BOYZ LIVE TOUR 2024 ‘HIGHER EX’” at the Tokyo Garden Theater, where they announced their first Nippon Budokan concert.

◎BALLISTIK BOYZ Comments in advance interview
Riki Matsui: “Budokan is a place with a long history for LDH and is filled with various feelings. I hope to give an interesting live performance on that stage that will overturn conventional concepts and destroy precedents.”
Yoshiyuki Kano: “I am very happy to tell you that we will be on stage at the Budokan on this hall tour. It is our dream and we can fulfill our promise to our fans, so we are very happy and full of enthusiasm.”
Miku Fukahori: “This is my first solo live performance on such a big stage. I want to do my best to make a good live performance with responsibility.”
Ryusei Kainuma: “We have always dreamed of standing in arenas and domes. I believe that the experience we have gained so far through trial and error, taking into consideration what we are lacking, will lead us to the Budokan.”
Masahiro Sunada: “This is the 5th anniversary of my debut. I’ve had my share of frustrations, but HIRO-san always told me that I would be okay as long as I kept up the spirit of never losing and kept going until I won. I think the Budokan is the one place where that has come to fruition.”
Rikiya Okuda: “Of course we want to make the show as exciting as possible, but the most important thing is that the result of the excitement will lead to next year. I want to make Budokan a success with the seven of us and all the fans, and aim even higher next year.”
Ryuta Hidaka: “Last year’s ‘N.E.X.T.’ tour was our own wish to go to the NEXT story and the NEXT stage, but unfortunately we could not achieve that goal, so we had to go on a hall tour again this year. I am sure that not only we but also everyone in BALLY’S who has been supporting us must have been frustrated, so I think they will be very happy with today’s report. Being able to perform at the Budokan is a moment of accomplishment of one of the goals of the story that began last year. The Budokan is just a passing point for us, but we want to make it a performance that we can connect to the next one.”

◎Performance Information
November 6, 2024 (Wed) at Nippon Budokan, Tokyo