WOLF HOWL HARMONY's “Youth”, the second concept is “Love Triangle”.


WOLF HOWL HARMONY will release a new song, “Love Triangle,” for distribution on June 17, 2024.

The new song “Love Triangle” is the second single in a trilogy based on the concept of “youth. The song is a “too much painful love song” that weaves the sweet but sad love triangle of adolescence, the conflict and frustration of the heart that wavers between friendship and love, with a melancholy track and the harmonies of the four members. The one-chorus length will be unveiled for the first time on J-WAVE’s “TOKYO M.A.A.D SPIN ‘WOLF HOWL HARMONY’s MIDNIGHT WOLF’, which will be broadcast late at night on June 1.

The new song “Love Triangle” was created based on the idea that what if we were “childhood friends who are always together, but fall in love with the same person? this was the setting for the song.
There are moments when I become so infatuated that my love sometimes eclipses even friendship and takes precedence, and yet, of course, I know I am only in love with love.
This song depicts the fleeting and frustrating love of “I’m in love with you”!
This song depicts the fleeting and frustrating love of!
In addition, the main part of the chorus is sung by all four members to express a love triangle in which each member vies for the other, so I hope you will pay attention to the voices of each member!

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Single「Love Triangle」