PSYCHIC FEVER announces EP release in April and to held solo tour with additional international shows planned.


PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE who has been energetically developing their activities in Japan and abroad, released their second EP “PSYCHIC FILE Ⅱ” on April 3, and also announced a solo tour “PSYCHIC FEVER ASIA TOUR 2024 ‘HEAT’”.
The tour will kick off in Miyagi on May 18, followed by six shows in five cities, with additional overseas dates to be added as part of the Asia tour.

According to the members, “PSYCHIC FILE II” is an EP filled with discoveries, possibilities, and charms of new us. It reflects the various experiences gained in the year since the release of the previous work “PSYCHIC FILE I”. The member also said “The album is Comfortable and catchy music that once you hear it, you will never forget it, perfect music for the coming season, music that will surely make our live performances and events even more enjoyable and so on, so, this work is also very exciting and colorful.”

The tour title “HEAT” of the solo tour “PSYCHIC FEVER ASIA TOUR 2024 ‘HEAT’” expresses “theirs desire to make Asia more hotter and ‘HEAT’ with their entertainment.” The members commented, “We hope that many of you will experience the ‘enthusiasm’ that is generated when the seven members become one! We will do our best for the show so that you will be glad you went to see it.