FANTASTICS Yusei Yagi stars in the film “We Can Use Magic Only Once in Our Lives” Osamu Suzuki wrote the script one month before his retirement.


On April 14, it was announced that Yusei Yagi, vocalist of the dance and vocal group FANTASTICS, will play the lead role in the movie “We Can Use Magic Only Once in Our Lives”, which will be released in 2025. Yuki Inoue, Kaito Sakurai, and Taiga Tsubaki (IMP.) will co-star in the film, which is based on an original story and screenplay by Osamu Suzuki, who retired from his broadcasting and screenwriting career in March.

Suzuki wrote the film script before his retirement for this film adaptation of the reading of the same name, which has been performed again and again after its premiere in 2019. This film, which he approached with the passionate desire “I really wanted to shoot it before quitting,” is a new coming-of-age movie in which the scenes and words of the recitation play are transformed by Mr. Suzuki into a beautiful, sad, and warmly moving film.

Boys in a small rural village are told “something” when they turn 18. It says, “A boy born in this village can use magic only once in his life. However, it must be used within two years of age 20”. It is impossible to know what the adult men of the village have used magic for in the past until they have used it themselves. The protagonists, four high school boys, begin to think about “what to use magic for”. It becomes an irreplaceable experience, culminating in an emotional climax.

Yagi plays the main character Akito, who has loved the piano since he was a child and aspires to attend music school, but is conflicted by his father’s firm opposition. On his decision to appear in the film, Yagi said, “Each one of them had a different conflict and various dramas, and as the film progressed toward the end, I couldn’t stop crying. I am very much looking forward to participating in this kind of work, as it is the first time for me to participate in a film with this kind of taste”. ”I am sure many things will be unveiled from here, so please look forward to it. I will do my best to enjoy myself as much as I can”.

Inoue plays Haruhi, who was born weak and grew up protected by his friends; Sakurai plays Natsuki, who gave up his dream of becoming a soccer player because of his father and is clumsy and unable to listen to his friends’ words; and Tsubaki plays Yukio, who is a naive character but is shocked by an unexpected secret his father has.

Mr. Suzuki said, “This is a very important work for me that I made in my reading theater, and I really wanted to make this video version before I quit the scriptwriting business. So, I wrote this script with great care and cherish one month before I retired as a broadcaster,” he said, sharing his thoughts, ”I hope it will bring gentle tears to many people”.