"PSYCHIC FEVER" performs for the first time in Singapore


PSYCHIC FEVER made its first appearance at

“MUSIC MATTERS LIVE 2024”, one of the world’s three major music fairs held in Singapore!

The event is the centerpiece of “CreatorWeek,” which started on May 7, and is considered one of the “world’s three major music fairs” along with “MIDEM” in Cannes, France and “SXSW” in Texas, USA.

PSYCHIC FEVER gave a hot yet stylish performance that was so typical of them that it was hard to believe that it was their first time performing at the event, and the local fans were so excited.
This article reports on the event.

When the MC announced “PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE from Japan!”, the audience let out a high-pitched cheer. First, they performed “Up and Down,” a song with a heavy beat, the members’ rapping echoing in the beat, and their clear singing voices. During the song, the members encouraged the audience to “Make some noise!” to which the audience responded with loud cheers. The audience responded to the song and cheered loudly.

They then performed his new song “Just Like Dat feat. JP THE WAVY,” which has over 180 million views on TikTok, charted in 9 Asian countries and regions on Spotify’s Top 50 Viral Charts, and reached a high of #2 in Singapore. The song has attracted a lot of attention from music fans on social networking sites and music charts in many countries, and during the performance, the audience sang along with the chorus of the song.

Then on to the MC corner. First, WEESA greeted the audience in English with “What’s up Singapore!” and the audience responded to his greeting with loud cheers. After WEESA introduced the group, Tsurugi introduced himself with “Hey, guys! I’m Tsurugi” and asked the audience if they were having a good night! and then he encouraged the audience to join in the fun. The audience again cheered loudly when Kokoro Kohatsu asked, “Do you know us?” Kohatsu introduced himself, sounding pleased with the cheers, and then turned the microphone directly to Ryoga Nakanishi and Ryushin Handa. Nakanishi and Handa greeted the local fans in the local language (Singlish). Finally, JIMMY and Ren Watanabe introduced themselves and gave brief remarks in English, and WEESA again took the microphone, noting that this was his first appearance at this event and expressing his gratitude to the fans by saying, “Thank you for coming today!”

When WEESA announced that a new song would be performed next, the members turned their backs to the audience and formed a dance formation to begin the performance of “BEE-PO,” the second lead song from their second EP “PSYCHIC FILE II” released on April 3. Kohatsu and WEESA’s sweet voices echoing in the fantastic sound captivated the audience, and fans could be seen dancing to the members’ choreography during the impressive lyrics of the song’s chorus, “S-O-S,” showing that the audience was truly enjoying the performance of this song as well. In the last part of the song, the members danced in perfect unison with each other, drawing in the fans. With the feverish atmosphere intact, the performance went on to a medley of performances.

The seven invited the audience to raise their hands for more excitement and performed “Tokyo Spilal,” “Spred The Wings,” and “Spark It Up” in a medley format. After that, they moved on to the MC part, which was the last part of the show.

When Kohatsu announced that the next song would be the last, the audience voiced their sadness. Then they asked “Everybody, are you ready?” and the audience cheered as if to say they were ready for a good time, and the members encouraged the audience to “Raise your hands!” and then a human beat box was performed by Watanabe. After the audience sang along with Kohatsu’s melody, the performance of “FIRE feat. SPRITE” began. On a stage tinted red with lights, the members were a sight to behold as they rapped with cool bass tones, sang with a quiet and passionate voice, and danced with dynamic yet detailed sharpness. Toward the end of the song, all the members performed a vigorous and powerful dance that brought the excitement of the audience to a climax. With the audience’s eyes drawn to the center of the stage until the end, PSYCHIC FEVER’s first stage at the world’s three major music fairs “MUSIC MATTERS LIVE 2024” was completed.

PSYCHIC FEVER has long been active in a wide range of fields in Asia and beyond, and at this event, not only their viral hit “Just Like Dat,” but also most of their songs were synchronized with the choruses and shouts of local fans and the members’ performances. It seemed that PSYCHIC FEVER’s activities have entered a new phase. The performance received rave reviews not only from fans but also from music industry professionals and local music fans from all over the world who gathered at the event, and the performance was trending in Singapore on X. It was a stage where PSYCHIC FEVER could appeal to the world.

They are scheduled to hold the “PSYCHIC FEVER ASIA TOUR 2024 “HEAT”” from May 18. PSYCHIC FEVER’s activities are expected to expand further this year. We look forward to seeing their future music and performances.

PSYCHIC FEVER is a 7-member group of elite students from EXPG STUDIO, a dance school run by LDH, their agency, from all over Japan.
They aim to become global artists who can be accepted not only in Japan but also in the world, and they continue to challenge to achieve their goal of “Global No.1 on the Billboard Chart”.