BALLISTIK BOYZ releases music video for new song “HIGHER EX” written and composed by members.


BALLISTIK BOYZ has released a music video for their new song “HIGHER EX”.
The new song “HIGHER EX” is the title track of the new single released on May 22, 2024. The title track is the first song written and composed by the members, and is a powerful number that expresses their determination to continue to evolve and reach new heights.

The music video was shot at Tsukiji Honganji Temple and was produced under the theme of “HIGHER” (upward) to convey the feelings contained in the song’s title. It shows BALLISTIK BOYZ pushing forward aggressively in the midst of rapidly changing circumstances, and conveys the passion of the members as they push forward.

Release Information
Single “HIGHER EX”
released on May 22, 2024

RZCD-77997/B / 2,750 yen (w/tax)
<CD> RZCD-77998 / 2,750 yen (tax included)
RZCD-77998 / 1,650 yen (including tax)