LDH PKCZ® returns after 7 years! New album and solo tour coming soon!


PKCZ® will release their new album on June 1,
“Put Your Hearts Up, Everybody Jump Up” !!

This is their first album in about 7 years and their first distributed album. In addition to previously released songs such as “T.O.K.Y.O.” and “Gravity,” the album includes 2 new songs and the album contains 11 songs, including “PLAY THAT feat. Hiroomi Tosaka, Crystal Kay, CRAZYBOY”, which is the first original sound source as PKCZ®, “PLAY THAT’24(ALAN ver.)”, re-recorded with ALAN’s vocals. A music card will be released at the same time.

Of the two new songs, the title track “Put Your Hearts Up, Everybody Jump Up” is a fast-moving track based on a 90’s rave sound, with the song will include ALAN’s rap and the call to “Put Your Hearts Up, Everybody Jump Up”. It will be released for distribution in advance on May 23.

The other new song, “So Tight,” is a catchy track with a floating and emo feel that matches ALAN’s sad vocals, and is said to have a sound that straddles the line between club and J-POP.

Along with the decision to release the album, the jacket photo and artwork and photos have also been released. The artwork is a striking design of hearts scattered all over the album, and the pose of making a heart with the fingers of one’s hand is impressive.

In June, PKCZ® will embark on a solo tour “PKCZ® Thanksgiving 2024 ~Put Your Hearts Up, Everybody Jump Up~” in support of the album.

Check the “PKCZ®

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