&TEAM's first arena tour in Japan will be held in 4 cities from July!


&TEAM will hold its first arena tour.
The announcement was made yesterday (July 7) on their official SNS, “2024 &TEAM CONCERT TOUR ‘SECOND TO NONE’”. &TEAM proved their rapid growth by deciding to hold an arena tour about 1 year and 7 months after their debut.

The first arena tour will start in Tokyo on July 20 and 21, followed by Hyogo (July 25 and 26), Fukuoka (August 17 and 18), and Aichi (September 28 and 29).

At the showcase held yesterday (July 7) to commemorate the release of their 1st single ” May Rain (Samidare)”, MAKI spoke about their aspirations for this tour. MAKI said, “I am excited to meet my fans in a bigger venue, YUMA said, “I am looking forward to meeting LUNÉ (&TEAM fans) on the tour. We will show you how we have grown since our last live”.

Details of &TEAM’s first arena tour “2024 &TEAM CONCERT TOUR ‘SECOND TO NONE’” will be announced later.

Today (May 8), their 1st single “May Rain (Samidare)” was released simultaneously worldwide, marking the start of their full-scale comeback activities. The “First Howling” series, which has continued from their debut album to their first full-length album, is now complete, and a new story will begin through the new single.

The new series is set against the backdrop of the four seasons, and “May Rain”, meaning “the early rainy season that comes around May”, corresponds to the first chapter, “Spring”.