Number_i appears on the cover of MAPS


Appearing on the first issue of Korean magazine “MAPS” and the first issue of Japanese magazine “MAPS JAPAN”

Number_i will be the first W cover model for the international edition of the magazine “MAPS” and the first issue of the Japanese edition “MAPS JAPAN”.

Global fashion magazine “MAPS,” launched in Seoul, Korea in 2006, will launch its Japanese edition “MAPS JAPAN” on May 3 to celebrate its 18th anniversary. Two cover visuals featuring the popular Japanese group Number_i have been released for both the first issue and the May issue of “MAPS KOREA.

For 18 years, “MAPS” has been a print magazine, featuring not only Korean culture but also Japanese fashion, art, and celebrities, and has introduced them to the world. In the past, the magazine has featured the iconic Japanese brand Comme des Garcons, Laura, Ayami Nakajo, and Hikari Mori on its cover.

For this edition of Number_i, a top photographer from South Korea was invited to Tokyo for the shoot.

The cover of “Number_i” is also the first cover of a foreign edition of the magazine, and the timing was right to commemorate each other’s appearance on the cover. The first issue of “MAPS JAPAN.”

The first issue of “MAPS JAPAN” and “MAPS KOREA May issue” will be on sale at Tsutaya bookstores nationwide and Tsutaya online on May 3 (Fri.). In addition, Tsutaya online reservation page started accepting orders at 19:00 on April 10.

To celebrate the first issue of “MAPS JAPAN,” a commemorative event will be held on May 4, the day after thsse date, with former 2NE1 member CL as a special guest.

◆Member Comments
Yuta Kishi: I am very grateful. I’m not nervous in a good way, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it will turn out!
Yuta Jinguji: I’m really happy to be invited for the first time. I’m grateful that so many people will be able to see it at the same time, and I’m really looking forward to the release!
Sho Hirano: I feel very grateful! Also, it’s the first time for all three of us to be on the cover of an international magazine, so it’s very fresh. I want to do my best to catch the eyes of many people.

[Magazine Information]
・MAPS JAPAN First Issue
Number of pages: 144p
Price: 1980 yen (tax included)
Tsutaya pre-order online site

・MAPS KOREA May issue
Number of pages: 184p (imported edition)
List price: 2,750 yen (tax included)
Tsutaya pre-order online site

The first issue and the international edition of MAPS will be available only at Tsutaya bookstores nationwide and at Tsutaya Online.

[Event Information]
Date & Time: May 4, 2024 (Sat) 22:00 open
SPECIAL GUEST: Former 2NE1’s CL and others