Takanori Iwata releases mv for new song "Virus"


Costume pattern is the first ever, music video in which Takanori Iwata changes his clothes anyway.

A music video of a new song “Virus” by Takanori Iwata (J SOUL BROTHERS III from EXILE TRIBE) was released on YouTube.

“Virus” is a song from the second album “ARTLESS” to be released on CD and analog on March 6.
The song is an upper tune with the theme of “love sickness,” and Iwata commented about the music video, “I had the most costume patterns ever, and I changed a lot of clothes anyway (laughs). Please enjoy it.

His second album “ARTLESS” was released on March 5 at 0:00.

[Takanori Iwata Comment]
My name is Takanori Iwata, and the music video for the AL song “Virus” will be released on March 4 (Mon.)! The music video is a song with a lot of words and a fun rhythm as a sound. Please enjoy it. In addition, the 2nd AL “ARTLESS” will be distributed in advance on March 5 (Tue.). We are happy to finally be able to deliver this album to MATE, which we have been working on since our last tour. We made a lot of up-tempo songs for this album that will look great on LIVE, so we are looking forward to having a great time with you all! I’ll be waiting for you at the LIVE!