Travis Japan reveals new jacket for "T.G.I. Friday Night"


 Looks comfortable on the trampoline!

On January 1, the 7-member group Travis Japan revealed the jacket photos of two versions of their new single “T.G.I. Friday Night” (Original Ver. and Japanese Ver.), which will be released digitally on March 18.

The group is currently conducting an Asian campaign in Thailand and Hong Kong. Trampolines were used in the photo shoot, and the jumps were photographed one by one and composited together. The members looked comfortable as they had performed on stage using trampolines when they were juniors. The video of the shooting is available on their official Instagram and TikTok.

The title of the song, “T.G.I. Friday,” is an acronym for “Thank God It’s Friday,” which in the West is written TGIF, meaning “Today is Friday, thank God,” or “Today is Friday! It is often used in e-mails and text messages to express gratitude to God for the last day of the work or school week, Friday.

In Japan, it is called “Hanakin” (meaning “flower money”), and this song expresses a feeling of openness on Friday night before a holiday. The choreographer is the dance performance group s**t kingz. During a masked choreography dance battle between s**t kingz and Travis Japan for the Fuji Television variety show “Thurs 7 ◎× Club” broadcast last December, Genta Matsuda asked the duo, “If Travis Japan wins, will you choreograph a song for us? Genta Matsuda promised that if Travis Japan won, he would choreograph a song for them, and this became a reality.