BE:FIRST Announces New Single Title "Masterplan"


 Reveals Latest Visuals and Jacket Photo

BE:FIRST, a seven-member dance and vocal group, has announced that their new single will be titled “Masterplan” (to be released on April 24), and has also revealed its latest visuals and jacket photo.

The new single is a sequel to “Boom Boom Back” and “Mainstream. The tight and oriental style of “Boom Boom Back” is produced by Ryosuke “Dr.R” Sakai, a music producer who has created challenging songs such as “Gifted”, “BF is…”, and “Mainstream” with the band. The song is a HIP HOP tune that forms the basis of BE:FIRST’s musicality as they have developed their own style. The lyrics were written by producer SKY-HI.

In addition to the title track, this album includes “Glorious” composed by members MANATO and JUNON and lyrics written by LEO as the cheering song for the 102nd National High School Soccer Championships, as well as the “ONE PIECE CARD GAME x BE:FIRST COLLABORATION SONG. Another song, “Set Sail” with lyrics by SHUNTO and RYUHEI, and another song will be included.

The album will be released in two formats: a format that includes the music videos of the songs and a making-of video, and a format that includes the BE:FIRST stage from “D.U.N.K. Showcase in KYOCERA DOME OSAKA,” a music festival for dance and vocal groups organized by SKY-HI that was held last December at Kyocera Dome Osaka. The version that includes the “D.U.N.K. Showcase in KYOCERA DOME OSAKA” will be released.