LIL LEAGUE's 1st album TRICKSTER is now available


all songs are now available for download

The album “TRICKSTER” includes the lead song “Lollipop,” which was previously distributed on February 5, and its music video is now approaching 4 million views, and the up number “FeiLong,” which has been performed only at events and live shows and has received many requests from fans to be made into a work, “15 minutes” and “Okay,” which were performed for the first time at the group’s first solo hall tour “LIL LEAGUE LIVE TOUR 2023 “LIL GATEWAY” held in 2023, as well as new songs “Tungsten” and “I don’t care” as bonus tracks.

“Tungsten” is a unit song performed by the two vocalists, Sena Iwaki and Tatsuhiro Nakamura, who are the oldest members of the group. Tungsten” is the name of a very hard metal that can only be scratched by diamonds. In a world where it is difficult to express one’s outstanding individuality, this song expresses how the group overcomes various obstacles that exist in society with firm determination and bonds like tungsten.

“I don’t care” is a unit song by four members, Kodai Yamada, Matora Okao, Haima Momoda, and Sora Nanba. The song is a different sound from LIL LEAGUE’s previous pop and cheerful songs, as the piano and cowbell sound on the track and the song expresses the helplessness and despondency of the situation. The lyrics were written by Yusuke Saeki, known for his numerous song contributions, and British hitmaker Kevin Charge.

The LIVE disc includes the Tokyo concert from the LIL LEAGUE LIVE TOUR 2023 “LIL GATEWAY” and the making of the tour, and the MV disc includes the music video for the lead song “Lollipop” and the making of the song, as well as other music videos that have been released so far. The music video disc includes the music video and making of the lead song “Lollipop” and other music videos that have been released to date.

The band debuted in January 2023 and won the Best New Artist Award at the 65th Japan Record Awards, and their debut single “Hunter” reached No. 1 on the Oricon and No. 2 on the Billboard Japan HOT100. LIL LEAGUE was also selected as the “Next Trend Prediction” by 120,000 Generation Z members in the Generation Z Trend Ranking for the second half of 2023.

After a tumultuous debut year that included a solo concert hall tour within six months of their debut, LIL LEAGUE is now moving into a new phase, and their first album is sure to be a hit.

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