ATLAS makes a comeback with "I got that magic"


ATLAS makes a comeback with their new single “I got that magic”

The music video was shot in the motif of CIRCUS, as if lost in a magical world.

ATLAS, one of the most popular boy groups in Thailand, has released its first new song “I got that magic” in 2024, featuring fantastic and sexy lyrics. The song was produced by the talented producer “benlussboy,” and the music video was directed by the director “Song Sasawat,” who has a unique style.

“I got that magic” is a hip-hop-electronic song with the concept of the seven members being explorers.
ATLAS has been performing a variety of genres of music, and this song shows their increased confidence and expressiveness.

The music video is based on the fantastic concept of a circus troupe of seven young people with magical powers, each of whom is a wizard with different magical powers. The music video also features their youthful and energetic dance moves.

Through this comeback you can feel that they have traveled and grown and become a more confident group of explorers. Everyone who hears this song will be energized and captivated. Just like the title of the song.