PERSES' first heartbreak song "Far Too Close" is now available


PERSES’ first sad love song, “Far Too Close,” expresses the heart of someone who secretly loves their friend.

The heart-wrenching lyrics, “I’m sorry that I’m…A close friend who has feelings for you. I’m so vulnerable that I fall for you. I know I shouldn’t,” emphasize a secret love. PERSES is the boys group from G’NEST, a subsidiary of GMM Music. The newly released Far Too Close is their first song about heartbreak.

The song delicately expresses the love and pain that comes from relationships between people who secretly love each other. The lyrics and music video, along with the mellow, ballad-pop tone, evoke the image of a relationship that is too close to the heart and too far away to be even friends, and where the confession of love may destroy the relationship.

The song is based on a high school love story of one of the members of PERSES, Krittin Sosungnun. He had a friend who liked him back then and told him how he felt, but the response was disappointing. However, since the song was written based on such a real experience, it will feel more real and familiar to those who have had similar experiences.
In the music video for “Far Too Close,” all the members express their sad feelings of love with their expressions and moods. In addition, the MV is also detailed with the use of “black roses,” which symbolize eternal and strong love, as a symbol of the depths of the heart, and scenes in which the members express their feelings with “butterflies” are incorporated. The butterfly in this work is a symbol of the unrequited love discussed in this work, as the closer you get to the butterfly, the more easily it flies away.  In addition to this, there are various other expressions hidden in the work. Even if you have never secretly loved someone close to you, their acting and singing may draw you in and bring tears to your eyes.