Kame and YamaP perform live together for the first time in 4 years!


Kazuya Kamenashi and Tomohisa Yamashita perform live together for the first time in 4 years! Performing “Seishun Amigo,” a song about “friends who can compete with each other in a friendly competition

Kazuya Kamenashi held a live concert “Inside 23 experiment No.0/No.B” at Billboard Live TOKYO in Tokyo on February 23, his birthday.

Inside 23 experiment” is a project in which Kamenashi tries experimental things, and this was the second live performance. The title of the show, “No.B,” was taken from his birthday, “Birthday,” as well as “Be side,” “Brand new,” and various other connotations.

Kamenashi appeared on stage in a long monotone coat, bathed in a pin spotlight, and emotionally sang “Nananaiya” by RADWIMPS. Kamenashi explained that the “B” in “No.B” also includes “Best Friend” and “Between. I am grateful to all the artists for their permission and to …… for the connections among so many people that made this day possible,” he said.

Kamenashi sang KAT-TUN’s debut song “Real Face,” saying, “I think I can’t miss this song when talking about KAT-TUN, which has been going forward for more than 15 years since its debut as a group. They also covered “Progress,” a song written by Sugashikao, who also wrote the lyrics to “Real Face.

After an animation film drawn by manga artist Satoru Hiura, Kamenashi sang his own song “Kizuna (Bond)” softly on stage where the candles lit up the place fantastically. He then sang “Orion” by Ikimono-gakari with Hotaka Yamashita on guitar and blucc

In the latter half of the live, guest Tomohisa Yamashita appeared on stage with a birthday cake in his hand. Kamenashi said, “It’s been four years since we’ve been on the same stage. We haven’t been on the same stage for four years. Our environment has changed a lot. We have been meeting in private for a while. We also have serious discussions. Yamashita said, “This time, he came to visit me on my birthday. Yamashita recalled that he first met Kame when he was about 13 years old, and Kamenashi said, “I was 12 years old! We have known each other for 25 years. We’ve known each other for 25 years. We do a lot of different jobs, but it’s hard to find someone to work with at such a high level of intensity. Yamashita said, “Friends who can really compete with each other in a friendly way. We were both sharp at times, and we grew together from those times. After exchanging hugs, Kamenashi and Yamashita performed their song “Seishun Amigo. They exchanged smiles as they sang, and even recreated the thumbs-up and fist-clasping hand gesture from the chorus.

Kamenashi then sang “Searchlight” by Koji Tamaki, the ending theme song of the drama “Tokyo Bandwagon: A Story of a Large Family in a Small Town,” in which he played the lead role. For the encore, he delivered Mr. Children’s “Endless Journey,” which he said was “a song I have loved for a very long time and an important song that I used to listen to when I wanted to get into the swing of things. Finally, Kamenashi proceeded down the aisle to the audience and said, “Thank you very much! and left the venue..