Chotokkyu to release 1st EP "Just like Chotokkyu"!


9 members redefine and update their “uniqueness”! Chotokkyu’s 1st EP “Just like Chotokkyu” to be released!

It has been decided that “Just like Super Express”, the 1st EP of Super Express, will be released on April 17.

Last December, Chotokkyu celebrated 12 years since its formation. Just like Chotokkyu”, the first work in their 13th year of activity, is a work in which Chotokkyu, which will change to a nine-member group in August 2022, once again pursues their “Chotokkyu style”. The album contains a wide variety of songs, from emotional dance tunes to royal J-Pop and flashy uplifting songs.

The new artist visual released to coincide with the release of the album is based on the concept of a “train. The new visual depicts the group evolving at the speed of “Chotokkyu” and running up to the next stage.

Details of the EP will be announced at a later date, and fans of the No. 8 car (the name given by fans of Chotokkyu) can look forward to the release of the EP to find out what kind of “Chotokkyu-ness” will be updated and redefined in the year 2024.